weekly miscellany: vol. 1

one of my favorite bloggers does a weekly odds-and-ends post, and i thought that might be fun to try out here, since sometimes my thoughts are more of a scattered list than an essay. let me know what you think!  

~ pregnancy update:
on monday i will be 39 weeks pregnant! and i actually feel really good! the morning sickness has abated (praise the LORD!), and i've had fairly good energy considering how incredibly large i am. i think that i probably have another week or two before baby june makes her appearance, and i hope that i feel this way for the last couple of weeks. at my last doctor's appointment, there was the tiniest bit of progress, but nothing remarkable. i've been using the time to work on my last-second decision to go sans-drugs; my doctors have all been very supportive, and so have all the women i've talked with at church. i read a book on the bradley method, watched a lamaze class on youtube, had some long chats with friends who have "gone before", and i'm meeting with a childbirth coach on tuesday. she's a member of our church and one of my friends told her about my situation, so she's going to try to give me a few last-minute pointers. our house is all nested, i feel mentally ready, and all i'm doing now is trying to relax and enjoy the last weeks of just having one wild-baby running around the house.

~ around the home:
bryan finished his side-project auction on wednesday! i will give that another Praise-the-Lord, because that  has been a huge source of stress and work for him. Now that he isn't having to work on it every second that he's home, i have help mostly whenever i need it, since he works nights, except for two days a week where he works during the day too.

speaking of, today is the last day i'll be home with zu all day by myself before my mom comes to help on monday. zu has been very emotional the past couple days--a lot of running up to me just to cuddle (and she's never been a very cuddly child). she's a little too young to completely understand, but she is smart and knows something is happening soon. we've gone on a few special mommy/zuzu outings the past week or so, to get some of that one-on-one time that i know she'll be craving when little junie shows up.

~ in the kitchen
with my morning sickness gone (for now?), i was in the mood to try out a few new recipes this week:
egg stuffed baked potatoes
chicken taco chili
they were both good, and it was nice to eat some variety without getting sick!

~ in the notebook: 
i've only been reading a bit of poetry here and there, mostly just things i've read in literary magazines online, because i consider myself officially on maternity leave as far as writing goes. right now i'm mainly reading old issues of Real Simple Magazine, and i'm a few chapters in to the paris wife by paula mclain.

~ favorite links this week: 

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i hope y'all have a blissful & sunny june weekend! 


  1. That is wonderful you will get to meet with a childbirth coach! I hope that is really helpful for you.

    I have read posts by several bloggers about how their second experience with breastfeeding was better than the first, so I hope that also is true for you!

    1. i hope so too--i'm really grateful she's taking time out of her schedule for that.

      i also am hoping that will be true for me with breastfeeding--it does really encourage me to know that sometimes it is just The Baby, no matter what you try

  2. I've been wanting to read The Paris Wife for a long time now! You'll have to let me know how it is!

    1. my mom read it and passed it on to me to read--she really loved it! i'm only about 30 pgs in and i like it a lot so far--you can have it when i'm done!

    2. Seriously? Thank you!!!

  3. Wow! Glad you are feeling great on the pregnancy. Almost there! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

    1. thanks for coming by my website! i'll checkout brewedtogether =)