what i do & don't do

i've had a few friends write posts like this, and thought i'd give it a try too. with us about to have 2-under-2, some of our friends who have multiples have been encouraging us to think about what we really prioritize. so, here's my list!

:: things i do ::

1~ read the bible consistently: sometimes this means everyday, sometimes once a week. it helps me to have the right attitude and priorities.

2~ feed my family: i do my best to mealplan and feed them homecooked, healthy meals, but i don't pressure myself to feed them all organic or subscribe to any specific diet.

3~ keep an organized home: i need at least a slight level of organization, even when the rest of life is crazy; looking around at a cluttered house stresses me out. 

4~ write consistently: consistently might mean once a month for a while when the newbaby comes; it is something that i need to do though, for myself--it helps me sort out emotions and thoughts, and i'll need that with everything that comes after having another child.


:: things i don't do ::

1~ plan everything: i try to hold my plans loosely. for things like birthplans, growing our family, how our children will be schooled, or where we'll live or work for the next ten, five or even one year from now, bryan and i do our research and pray about it, but realize that we are not in control of these things and sometimes God allows what you plan for and sometimes He doesn't, and praise Him for that. this has been a hard lesson for me--a lesson in trust.

2~ go to the gym: i could make time for this, but honestly i have other priorities that matter more--alone time with my husband and time with my daughters. so when i start working to get back in shape after the baby, i want to find ways to work exercise in that include my family or that can be done during naptimes and bedtimes.

3~ have a smart-phone: bryan and i decided these aren't something we want as a family, because of the expense and the constant-connectedness. media-free time is important to us.

4~ overschedule: i'm working on this. bryan and i have busy schedules, balancing work and keeping our babies at home and bryan's work as an elder and my writing. i'm an introvert so i need time that is just with family; i've been working this year on finding the balance between being hospitable verses guarding that time i need with just bryan and my babies.


  1. Let the writing be a peace-making, you know? Let it breathe into you.

    I've been bumping into your poems and been loving them, so I recently ordered your chapbooks. I'm looking forward to reading them.

    If you are ever interested, I'd love if you would submit to my journal (Midway Journal)--you can email me at molly (dot) sutton dot kiefer at gmail (the rest). It'd be an honor to consider some of your work for our pages.

    1. thank you so much Molly! I'll email you soon!

  2. You know I agree with you on smartphones! I love being disconnected (I say as I write a blog comment). We're even thinking of buying an atlas for future road trips rather than using a GPS (well, that, and we don't have a GPS).

    1. i think an atlas could be more useful--we have a really old gps and it is so out of date that it isn't hugely useful when trying to find places! we usually print out google maps directions just to be sure the road we're supposed to go on is still there lol