a poetry update for poetry month

i found out today that my confessional class filled up, and then some!  i'll have 13 students, and it starts in exactly a month. i'm a little nervous about teaching more advanced students; i think though it will be a good challenge and change for me.


the class i was taking on fairytale poetry was good; i drafted four new poems and learned more about fairytale poetry. i don't think its going to be something i'll pursue much further in my writing right now, but it is good to have that knowledge for later.


recent publications:
Town Creek Poetry accepted my villanelle "Sanctify" for publication--my first-ever published form poem!
Rock and Sling  accepted my poem "Felling", which is one of my particular favorites so I'm glad it found a home.


i sent in an excerpt of my manuscript to an open reading period for a publisher, and i got an email last week that they want to see the entire thing. i've had this happen a couple of times before with no luck (obviously), so i'm going to try to not get my hopes up too much.

but ok, yes, i'm still encouraged by it!

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  1. Great news all around! Congratulations!