31 weeks!

Baby size: pineapple! which is really pretty big!

Weight gain: i had an appointment a couple of weeks ago where i'd almost gained 15 lbs, so i've probably gained somewhere between 15 and 20lbs now. i'll find out at my appointment next week, and hopefully i will not be shamed.

i had to buy some new maternity shorts (online, since the only place to buy maternity clothes in our town is tjmax and their maternity shorts are either too short or bedazzled). i had forgotten that my maternity shorts last time really only fit in 2nd trimester, not enough belly-stretch for third. last time i loved dresses and skirts so it didn't matter, but this time i find them too awkward to wear when getting down on the floor to play with zu. this is the first maternity thing i've had to buy this time around, so hopefully next time i won't need anything at all.

Stretch marks: none yet-- last time i didn't get them until the last week or so, right when i thought i wasn't going to get any....

Belly button in or out: in

Sleep: not too bad, as long as i sleep propped up i usually don't get sick

Foods I am loving: corn, grapefruit, watermelon, chocolate milk.

Foods I am hating: i still can't eat fried food, mexican, italian, or anything with a lot of seasoning or spiciness without getting sick. they sound yummy to me though 

Best moment this week: definitely dinner with our connect group last friday--we stayed up until 11 PM talking - wild and crazy! also bryan overheard some students talking about how much they loved my class and that really made my day. it is a time of the semester where every little bit of encouragement counts.

Movement: lots! i feel her stretch across my belly and push up into my ribs (and it hurts!). she feels so much like zuzu--very active, lots of kicking and stretching. my doctor said that is a sign that she is healthy!
Symptoms: heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes my feet get a little swollen after teaching (i've not been great about drinking enough water--i'm working on that!). i'm also having more trouble carrying zuzu, because it hurts my back. i had to go grocery shopping without her the past couple weeks--usually she's my grocery shopping buddy--and it made me sad to not have her there. another thing that i'm getting too pregnant to do well on my own. tying my own shoes will be next.

What I'm looking forward to: the end of the semester! this is our last full week of classes before exam-week. the big creative writing event with a Visiting Guest Poet is happening on thursday, and i am so nervous! it's the first big event i've been responsible for, and i'm hoping everything goes smoothly. bryan will start working late-late night hours tomorrow, since the library is staying open til 1am until exams are over. he's doing a big online auction right now too, so this week and the next are just going to be crazy at our house.

Emotions: i think i might be a little stressed. bryan said i was asking him nonsensical questions about the creative writing event while i was asleep last night (i have no memory of this).


  1. So...addressing your comment about having trouble carrying Zuzu...I carry Milo all the time, too (...you don't really have a choice when you already have a child...??), and I was reprimanded for doing this (fairly strongly?) last week. Something to the effect of "You're not carrying Milo, are you?" was said, and I was like, "Um...not sure how to avoid that!" Certainly I don't look for opportunities to carry him but getting him in and out of the car, in and out of the tub, in and out of the crib, etc. - I mean, it's kind of hard to avoid. And even though Tyson works from home, I'm not going to interrupt his work every time I need to lift Milo (that would be pretty annoying). Anyway, they acted like I said I was smoking cigarettes during pregnancy or something...I didn't realize it was such a big deal, but apparently to some people it is. I mean, I definitely think it's better to avoid lifting small (or, in the case of Milo, rather large) toddlers when pregnant, but I really think it seems unrealistic to assume a pregnant mom with a toddler isn't going to be doing any lifting whatsoever...? Still, you're probably right - grocery shopping alone and limiting trips out with Zuzu by yourself are probably a good idea right now. I still take Milo grocery shopping occasionally (and I know what you mean - when he's not with me, I feel sad...it gets boring without him there) but I do try to avoid it if I can.

    I'm hoping your last week of classes goes great! SO exciting. And then a relaxing (haha) summer break! Or at least...an exciting one! :)

  2. uhoh no one told me i'm not supposed to be carrying her--sometimes i'll just stand around talking to people at church while i hold her for no reason except that she wants to be held! lol i must look like an irresponsible teen-mom! it really didn't hurt until the past week or so, and i just carry her on my hip. but zu walks just fine (and even runs) so there's really no reason for me to be doing that except for when i need to put her in and out of her crib (and bryan has taken over baths). no wonder my back is hurting!

  3. LOL..."irresponsible teen-mom"...
    It's hard to say no when they want to be held! I understand. :) But, yeah, apparently it is a thing! When Tyson's parents were here (when I was only 12-15 weeks along or so...can't remember exactly), they followed me around, picking up Milo for me (their idea, not mine) because they felt strongly about it, too. It was sweet, but I had no idea some people worried about it so much.

  4. I have heard that it's not a good idea to lift/carry too much when pregnant as well, but like Heather said, it's kind of hard to avoid when you have sweet little arms reaching out to yours wanting to be held! I bet it would help your back a lot if you held Zu less, though.

    That is funny you had a whole conversation with Brian that you didn't remember. Stephen has told me that sometimes I do that in my sleep, too, and I never remember it!

  5. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I know I"m not suppose to pick up Eli but sometimes it just can't be helped. For example: he is all boy and I wouldn't dream of not picking him up and putting him in the grocery cart. That would equal a disastrous shopping trip! I have managed to get our cart close enough to the little horse you ride at the grocery that he can climb from the cart onto the horse and then back in again. I do try to have him climb into his carseat but it is still hard.