little zu at 18 months!

today my baby girl turns a year-and-a-half old! my goodness! 

zu is a delight. she really is. i love her funny and joyful personality, and, honestly, its part of the reason we decided to have another baby so soon--she made us want more! not that being her mommy isn't any work--ha!--it's just a good kind of work.

so here are some things new with zu:

1} talking!
she is slowly but surely expanding that vocabulary. some of her favorite words:
meow, ruff, kitty, cat, puppy (see a trend here?), hi, bye-bye, daddy, mommy, mine, no!, ok, doll, ball, shoe, thank-you, fuzzball (the name of one of her favorite lambs), hat, bitta (which means book--we're counting it), bow. 
there's a few others here and there that are escaping my mind right now. it seems like she's talking more everyday. 

2} strolling!
one of her most favorite games is to push her own stroller. so we bought her a mini-baby-stroller and she loves pushing it all around the house. she most wants us to put her in the ministroller and run like crazy around the house but i'm not so much physically able to do that as the one who taught her that game (thanks aunt karen!)

3} outside!
now that the weather is warming up, we spend a lot of time outside--walking in our yard along the "creek", throwing leaves in the creek, looking at dogs in the park, and playing on the playground. it's been good exercise for me too, all the walking and sometimes running that it takes to keep up with zu.

4} buddies!
she really enjoys spending time with her friends izzy and mckayla, and playing with the big girls at church. she's a very social baby so i'm so glad that God has brought other moms with babies the same age into our lives!

and a few good developmental skills-- she can throw a ball overhand, take things apart and put them together, "read" books to herself, stack blocks, feed herself with a spoon and brush her own teeth (with guidance). i think that she's also been showing some signs of being ready to potty-train--so that will be the next big venture, in a month or two.

so that's all that's new with our little zu!


  1. I wish Charlotte would show signs of being ready to potty-train. She sits on the potty, but she won't sit on it without her diaper, which of course defeats the purpose. LOL

    You will be amazed at how Zu's language will explode over the next six months. It seems like overnight Charlotte went from knowing just 15-20 words to speaking in 4-word sentences !

  2. You'll have to keep me posted on your adventures in potty training! I keep wanting to train Milo, but they say if you try before eighteen months, regression can be a beast, so I figured it's a bad idea to even entertain it until later, especially since boys are supposed to train slower than girls.

  3. i'm really excited for zu to start talking more! i'm always surprise to hear her suddenly start saying a word, out of nowhere. and hearing her say "mommy" instead of "ma-ma" just sounds so grown up to me, i love it.

    we're going to try potty training in May; if it doesn't work, we'll just revisit it in september--we won't force it if she isn't really ready.