braggin on my man

this morning i was sort of stressed because i found out late last night that i have jury duty again. i had it monday and had called in early each night this week to see if i had it again--after not having it at all the rest of the week, i called on friday almost as an afterthought, assuming i wouldn't have it--but of course i did!

so i had to scramble to find someone to cover my classes, then end up cancelling two of my classes i couldn't get covered, then give instructions to those covering my other two classes--which meant staying up late (for a pregnant lady) and waking up tired.

 i didn't get my house clean that night like i typically do on thursdays, to get ready for small groups the next day, so when i woke up to a floor needing vaccuuming, counters needing wiping, and a sink full of dirty dishes, i told bryan i felt so overwhelmed and just didn't see how i was going to make it through the day.

he told me to go have breakfast while he took care of it, and went on to do those chores i never got to the night before; then when i got in the car to leave for jury duty, the cd in the car happened to be on one of my favorite songs--he had set it up the night before to be ready to play when i left that morning. 

little things, but sometimes they make the difference between starting the day off rotten and starting it off wonderful.

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  1. Aww, that is the sweetest, especially the song thing! Way to go, Bryan!