25 weeks!

at my appointment last week, my doctor told me they had recalculated my due date to June 17th!

which means i'm a week more pregnant than i thought i was; it makes more sense to me though--its about what i had thought the due date would be, when i went in for that first appointment. i'm excited about the due date change because zu's due date was September 17th, and it would be really neat if June was born on the 16th, exactly 3 months from her sister's birthday.

what also made this an especially awesome appointment is that i found the doctor i want to deliver june! i never really had a preference which one it was for zu (the one i chose wasn't on duty when zu came anyway), but the doctor i met today was such a strong christian, had delivered some of my friend's babies, and was all around super-nice. so hopefully he will be on call when june decides to make her appearance!

other pregnancy news...
~ the heartburn-diet has worked pretty well; i get heartburn a lot less now, but sometimes just get sick anyway. i think thats just something that i'll have to deal with in every pregnancy.
~ i officially can.not.fit into my skinny non-maternity jeans. and much of my non-maternity clothes that i wear anyway don't fit anymore either. i think my belly grew a size this week.
~ But i did find out that i've only gained 10lbs so far, much less than what I had guessed! 
~ june's nursery is pink and ready to be decorated
~ june is presently and frequently having a kick-party. 


  1. Getting your due date moved up a week is super exciting. You're about 10 weeks ahead of where I am since I'm 15 weeks, 1 day now. It's really exciting to have a good doctor - I'm glad you found someone you're happy with! As a side note, my last ob/gyn was a male doctor and I always felt very comfortable with him. He was very kind and would always apologize if I ever so much as squinted during an examination. He was also a strong Christian. Too bad he's an hour away from us now!

  2. i didn't think i'd ever be comfortable with a male doctor, but this guy is so much better than any other ob/gyn i've ever been to! i could tell right off the bat that he truly cares about his patients and their babies

  3. It's awesome you have an OB/GYN you're so comfortable with. Of course the two I really liked weren't on call when I had Char, but at that point I didn't care, as long as someone helped me get her out. LOL

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Wow. I didn't realize they moved due dates later on in pregnancy. My due date also got changed to about 2 weeks later than the first one. It means I'll be pregnant forever but since my doctor won't induce me I"m grateful for the extra time to go into labor on my own! :) Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  5. i was surprised too. apparently they had changed it at our ultrasound, but i don't remember them mentioning it--perhaps i was too excited about having found out the gender!