zu at 15 months!

~ loves to sort & stack things. building with her blocks and sorting her books are her favorites. though left to her own devices, she will stack up anything--even cheese

~ mimics Everything--blows kisses, winks, has several different dances, blows on our hair (something she picked up from us doing it to her). she even mimics the cats when they meow at the door in the morning, which is just about the cutest thing

~ understands and follows simple commands, like "bring mommy your bow" or "go find dada"

~ babbles constantly--bitta-bitta-bitta and minna-minna are her favorite babblings. we're hoping this means talking is right around the corner!

~ loves fashion. everyday she wants to wear her gold sparkly flats all day.

~ shakes her head "no" when she means "no"--like when I ask if she'd like some more cheese or if she'd like her sippy...or if she wants to take a nap, haha

~ loves stuffed animals! whatever store we go to, if she sees a stuffed animal, she points and goes "ooooohhhhhhhhh" and really wants us to get it for her. but we're at stuffed animal capacity right now

it is hard to believe zu is going to be a big sister in just about 6 months! i think she is starting to understand that something is up--she's been even more all-about-mommy the past few weeks and wants me to hold her all the time (which is getting more difficult the more pregnant i get!).


  1. That is such a cute picture of her! :)

  2. thanks! of course i think so =)

  3. She is so cute! That is funny that Zu loves stuffed animals because at that age Charlotte couldn't care less about them. She still doesn't really seem to like them. It kind of makes me sad. LOL

  4. SO CUTE! I miss her. And you.