we had a lambtastic halloween

(well maybe its been a lambtastic year)

a ballerina lamb

bryan as superboy, zuzu as a ballerina lamb, and me, as college-freshmen-bryan
 nellene had us over for trickortreating and handing out candy; i can't believe how much candy people gave zuzu! i thought they'd put a few pieces in but instead it was more like two handfuls--can't complain about having too much candy in the house though!


  1. Looks like an awesome Halloween! I'm so jealous that you got tons of candy! People took one look at Milo and then laughed at us and said, "Um...can he actually eat any of this?" and would give us one piece of candy. It's true - we didn't give him any candy - we kept it! But...still...I didn't expect people to be so suspicious! Milo's not walking yet, though, so it could be that he just looked like a little baby in a stroller.

  2. zuzu stayed in her stroller too--but we were on a few streets that weren't getting many trick or treaters, maybe they were just wanting to get rid of all that candy lol!