i'm pregnant!?!

yesterday we found out that baby #2 is on the way!

i am still in shock. we were just not-preventing (we subscribe to AFP) so i knew it was possible but never expected it to happen so quickly.

tomorrow i will call and make my doctor's appointment (and find a doctor too i guess!). and we'll go out to celebrate and maybe buy zuzu a big-sister t-shirt.

as far as announcing goes...i would like to wait 12 weeks and bryan would have liked to tell everyone yesterday. so we have to meet somewhere in between my tight-lipped secrecy and his exuberance (which means we'll probably tell close family and best friends this week and wait a long time to tell the world at large).

another baby...

Zu is such a toddler now memories of her as a newborn feel distant....but i remember the small breakable body, her snuggling against me, those sweet and most tiny fingers & toes....



  1. AFP is the way to go ; )
    Congratulations on your sweet new little life!

  2. Are you doing AFP from here on out, or were you just doing it in between Zuzu and Baby #2? It's fun going back and reading all of your extra entries! I'm really glad you kept up your blogging!

  3. i think maybe! we'll have to see how things go!