publication update

The Journal of Kentucky Studies accepted three of my poems for their next issue. I used to live there, hence kentucky poems. I was a little surprised to get an acceptance though--I sent those poems to them two years ago! usually after a year, I assume that my poems are returned to the earth via recycling.

Also, my chapbook "A Pleading Sound" is quarter-semi-finalist (woohoo!) in the Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize by Casey Shay press. along with about 100 others, out of the 350 submissions. hey, but i'm in the top 1/3rd, not so bad right?


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  2. Googled your name with "Shorter" to see if I could find the link you mentioned. Ugh! How completely assuming and uncalled for. They don't even know you; what gives them the right to make comments like that? I don't blame you for feeling flustered; I would be angry and tempted to contact them directly. But...I definitely don't recommend that, and I think you are a better person than that. :)

    Congratulations on your chapbook breaking to quarterfinals! That's awesome! Take that, Shorter protester anonymous people!

  3. someone defended me a little in the comments, so that was nice..i haven't minded the controversy so much when i wasn't directly targeted, but it makes me nervous being personally picked apart...hopefully the worst is over and our school will start to heal this year