around the home

fresh basil. i finally bought a basil plant; i've been using fresh basil in half my recipes lately, so i thought it was time. it just pairs so well with my other cooking obsession: olive oil. yum

little zu's flower girl dress for my sister's wedding is halfway done. i want it to eventually look something like : this :. . and yes, her froggie is serving as a model. you may not believe this, but 10 month old zu doesn't want to sit still for a half hour while mom makes her dress!

its a sunshiney day here at the emerson household. sunshiney and hot. my mom is coming in town this evening and staying a few days. bryan and i have plans for a real-live-date tomorrow night (woohoo!!!!). and i have the week off next week, my lessons already planned for the fall semester and fall orientation a week away. things never really do slow-down, not all the way. but i'm glad my days are full, they are full of good things.


  1. How did you make Zuzu's dress? I'd love a tutorial on how to do something like that if you feel like posting one. :) I'm trying to be more crafty...I'd love to make a dress like that for my niece, Nevaeh, for Christmas.

  2. i'll make a tutorial soon! i'm almost done with the dress =)