100 days

100 Days Calendar

you choose three things you'd like to improve on in the next 100 days and commit to doing them everyday, for 100 days. its a pretty little checklist (my list-maker heart rejoices).

my three things:
1.) read my Bible
2.) write
3.) limit computer/internet use

i wanted to try three very different things--spiritual, creative, and healthy.  i've been reading my bible but am afraid that when the semester starts i'll drop off; i haven't been committed to sitting down to write as much as i should lately; and after reading this, i think i could tone down my internet use (restricting it to 2x per day, limited amount of time)...so i hope that at the end of 100 days, i'll make these my daily habits.


  1. This is awesome; I like that it limits you to three things instead of making an infinite list. The fewer things I have to focus on, the greater my chances of achieving them (sadly?).

  2. I like tha idea of being intentional about habit forming; I am really excited about writing every day!