stone highway review-ed!

Stone Highway Review posted a review of my chapbook Where Nothing Can Grow (batcat press)!

a quote from the review:
"What I love about this chapbook is how much depth it contains – I can’t even begin to describe all of it in a short review. I will say, the empty cicada shells, the burying of childhood toys, and the lists of things left behind remind me all too much about how much loss we experience as we grow, yet what we also gain."
its so encouraging to have a reader connect with my work like that!  and i won't lie, i really needed this kind of encouragement this morning. God always seems to have these things happen right when i need them!

 . . . . read more of the review { here } !


  1. That is an awesome review! Congratulations! And I know what you mean about needing encouragement - I had a really awful day yesterday myself. Unfortunately, no encouragement (at least in the measurable sense of it) really came - but tonight I am going to a party and Tyson has a 4-day weekend so I am hopeful. :)

  2. parties and four day weekends do a lot to lift the spirits =) i hope that it makes things better!!