Bryan's first father's day! mom-style! jillian michaels, take two!

1} . father's day .
after our tumultuous traveling the past month, bryan wanted nothing more than a quiet day at home with me and zu, for his first father's day.

i made him breakfast in bed. zu and i gave him his card. we went walking, watched some School Rumble, had church at home. when zu went to bed, we sat on our front porch and watched the fireflies.

i'm still working on getting bryan's father's day gift. he knows what it is, and i think we should be able to...capture it...in the next day or so. more on this, to come....

2} . mom style .
as much as i'd love to look like this

in real life i look better in (and gravitate toward) looks like this
which is essentially the same way my mom dresses. except more plain.

i don't know how this happened. my sisters each have defined styles--when we're out shopping, i can always point out things that look "so karen" or "so lauren." even bryan has more style than me--plaid button ups, superhero t-shirts, converse and black rimmed glasses."indie-ish nerd" is i think how he would define it. plus, guys aren't truly indie until they wear skinny jeans.

i don't like scarves. i don't wear jewelry, except for earrings every once in a while, my wedding ring and posey ring, and the same plain silver pendants bryan gave me for various occasions. i don't look good in stripes. i used to wear stripey pants in college, but despite the recent fad for weird-pants, i think that style is best for those under 20yrs old or over 60.

next time i come into some money, i think i'm going to go shopping (or most likely, thrifting) for
1) button-up shirts
2) plain but well fitting tops
3) cotton pants that i could wear to work or at home
4) cute flats (i also have never been one of those girls that loves loves loves shoes but maybe that would keep my outfits from being so incredibly plain?)

i really have my eyes set on these:
next time i buy anything, i'm getting these cuties.

3} . jillian michaels, again .
i tried doing the jillian michael's 30 day shred at the end of april/beginning of may but then we started our traveling and i stopped doing it. so starting tonight i'm going to try to do it again! the videos get really boring but i liked how i felt so much stronger after just two weeks. lets hope i can stick with it this time!


  1. I just went thrifting last night and thought a long time about my style, too. My style is mismatched whatever right now. It's so funny how having a "style" feels so important. I kind of hate it because it feels so trivial but I totally get it and feel the exact same way. My plan is to use the money from my first few Etsy sales to go to Goodwill and come up with a more defined look. I want to wear more skirts...oddly. But skirts can get frumpy really quickly so I have an idea in my head of the certain kinds of skirts I'd like to wear...like geometric patterns...I don't know if that's weird but that's what I like. I think sometimes I focus way too much on what's "in style" (like skinny jeans, jeggings) that I don't buy things that actually look good on me. Like...I'm not sure I actually look good in skinny jeans or jeggings...yet I wear both. I think I'd probably look better in a looser trouser of some sort so I plan to seek this out. Mostly I don't want to be defined by anything but what I like and what looks good on me. Like I don't want to necessarily dress 2012 Anthropologie, but I don't want to dress pure 1950s vintage either. I just want to look like me and I'm on a quest to figure out what that is.

  2. it is a silly thing to think about but i've thought about it a lot the past year since my body has been so crazy--pregnant, postpartum, all the ups and downs and having a different figure than i used to--i wish i had a more defined style to stick to with all that change.

    i used to wear nothing but skirts but i've gotten away from that. last time i was in florida, my mom told me she was glad to see that i've started wearing shorts again lol

    i think you have a defined style--vintage-ish, victorian, very feminine, sort of a romantic look. i think that i've tried to have the "artsy" look but really i'm more of a classics type of girl, i just need to stop fighting it ;)

  3. p.s.
    skinny jeans look good on you =) i too though am a fan of trouser jeans--they're on my to-buy list, since they can be dressed up or down

  4. I have no style whatsoever. My style is 1) find something comfortable, 2) find something that fits, 3) find something I can wear to work. Haha. I'll be on a magazine cover any day now, I'm sure. :)

  5. lol! i will admit, finding something that fits and is comfortable and is work appropriate is a challenge in itself!