the beginning of a glorious spring

spring break began with terrifying storms. march, in like a lion, brought tornados and winds and a night of sirens here in our new home. we hid in the bathroom since we have a baby now and we can't just ignore the sirens like people from our area of the south are prone to do, having heard them so many times.

but we weathered it. and my parents and sister came in town. and my aunt, uncle and mawmaw came over yesterday too so we had a big family party at our house. good memphis barbecue, good conversation, time with people i miss.

my mom and i got some time to go thrifting together earlier that day. i love thrifting with my mom--a mom of three girls, she has true shopping stamina--so we scoped out the best places to go. so far, salvation army and goodwill both have great furniture, so-so clothes, and the thriftstore in the old downtown has the cutest baby clothes and even clothes for my size which i might have courage to begin trying on soon. there are a handful of other places i'd like to check out too. i'm currently looking for a china cabinet for the dining room, a desk for me, two chairs for the living room and some sort of table/shelf something to house electronics (the one that came with the house just isn't our style). i'm not in a rush though--its fun to thrift, and even more fun with an object in mind.

and, the happiest news of the past few days, when my aunt came over she brought the last few of our boxes from kentucky, which included my prepregnancy clothes. lauren helped me clean out my closet--i think i got rid of about half my clothes--and then i tried on my prepregnancy clothes just to see...and my prepregnancy jeans fit!! zipped, buttoned, and looked good! everything in the box fit, in fact. now there are a few dresses that Fit but won't look great without spandex, but it was so encouraging to slip into my old clothes again. i didn't lose anything this week to speak of (half a pound doesn't count really), but i'm starting to exercise more (staying on The Plan plus a few extra exercises lauren told me to do to help tone up) and i think its possible that i will be able to lose those last two by my birthday.

right now bryan and i are snuggled in front of the fire (we have a fireplace! i love it!) in our den while zuzu naps. its a cold day but their won't be too many more of those in the next few months. i think it will be a beautiful spring.


  1. Way to go getting into your prepregnancy clothes!!

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  3. Ooooh! So jealous of the fireplace! I've always wanted one! I know what you mean about things fitting but needing Spandex...I have a few things like that, too. It's so crazy how your body changes and things look totally different on you after having a baby. I used to always chide my mom for wearing shirts that were too big for her after my brother was born...but now I understand!