Resolution Update

an update on my resolutions progress:


1. finish reading through the entire Bible
(currently I'm in Job, but I'm just about to finish it)

2. lose the baby weight by the 9month-post-partum mark
(le sigh. no progress that i know of--the scale got left behind with the move. i'm planning on buying one tomorrow though; jenn and i are on a quest to get down to our *goal weights* by our five year anniversaries--her's is in June, mine is in August. so far the rules of said quest include 1) no sugary desserts, no coffee coke or tea, 2) drink a glass of water before each meal 3) workout at least 3x per week, 30 min. per work out. i've at least made it through day one! i'll try to post updates here and there on how its going)

3. submit my work to at least 10 magazines this year
(3 down, 7 to go!)

4. send my book out to 3 publishers
(1 down, 2 to go!)

5. save up enough money to take a really awesome 5 year anniversary vacation in august!
(no progress; this probably won't begin to happen until the summer--but we have picked where we want to go! we're thinking we'll go for a weekend in Atlanta, seeing the sights!)



  1. The aquarium in Atlanta is awesome! And there's Ikea!

  2. Bryan wants to go to the cocacola museum too--I think it would be fun to visit a big city again!

  3. We've been wanting to go to Savannah, GA, for a while now! Not sure how close that is to Atlanta, but Paula Deen has a restaurant there. ;-)

    1. one day when zuzu and milo are up for a roadtrip (or at home with babysitters?) we should do a double-date roadtrip out there! i have absolutely no idea where savannah is in georgia though lol