40 weeks! FULL TERM!

i am full term on saturday and still no baby!

my doctor said she can come at any time now and i can induce whenever i'd like. i'm very "favorable" and the baby is a good size; my doctor said that even if i got induced now, it wouldn't hurt the baby and the chances are slim that it would cause the need for a c-section; she does recommend waiting for me though, because i've been progressing a lot and chances are good that the baby will come soon.

i'd like for her to come on her own, so i am going holding off and see what happens. i have an appointment on wednesday for another ultrasound and to check on the baby, to see where i'm at and if we need to go ahead and induce. she doesn't want me to go later than a week, since the amniotic fluid can begin to degrade at that point. if i HAVE to be induced, i'm going to see if she'll let me wait until the monday after next (a week and two days after my due date), just to give the baby a bit more time.

if i had the choice, i'd love for her to come on saturday, her due date--because of bryan's work schedule and paid sick hours, he could be off work until Thursday at that point, and it'd be great to have him home the first few days. my mom and grandma are coming in town today to wait for the baby to come (i have told people to hold off, since it could be a whole nother week, but its hard to hold people off when it comes to babies!). and, most importantly, i can not even tell you how ready i am to hold this little girl! to be a momma! for everything to START!

so, all that said, i'm planning to spend all day saturday on all those old wives tricks to start labor--walking, going up and down stairs, spicy food, etc etc etc--to see if i can prompt baby to make her debut!


Baby Size? the size of a pumpkin! and probably about 7 and a half to 8lbs

Weight Gain? 27lbs--not too shabby! though i'll probably end up closer to 30 if she hangs out in there another week

Stretch Marks? some, but they're not too bad

belly button: still in, to my surprise! its gotten super tiny though, it looks like a little check mark haha!

Foods i'm loving: grapefruit! and milk, i've been drinking lots and lots of milk lately

Foods i'm hating: peppers and pizza infuriate my heartburn

Sleep? some nights better than others. i've thrown up a lot less since i've started enforcing a no-meals-after-5:00 rule. though it does leave me a little hungry at night--its really hard to resist the temptation to snack!

Symptoms? tuesday my doctor said that i'm 3cm and 70% effaced--hopefully i'm even more than that by now!

What i miss: mobility. not waddling. rolling over in bed. getting in and out of the car with ease.

What i'm looking forward to: holding my sweet girl!

Emotions? excited...nervous...Ready!


  1. Ah, I so relate to the "rolling over in bed" comment...it's SO hard to turn over these days! It's pretty much a full-blown production that fully wakes me up. Most times it's easier just to slowly roll off the side of the bed and get back in on my other side than to move myself while I'm laying down. I'm pretty silly. =P

    And you don't eat after 5:00? Do you have dinner around 4:30 then? I bet you're really hungry at night! I need to implement some sort of rule like that for myself, though, too. We don't eat dinner until 6pm because that's when Tyson gets home, so I think a no-eating-after-7pm rule would probably work for me. I need to do that!

  2. Wow, I definitely can't imagine sticking to a no meals after 5:00 rule when I was pregnant! I would eat a bowl of cereal sometimes at like 10:00 p.m., haha. Just think: soon you'll be rid of all the sickness!!

  3. Little did you know when you wrote this that the wait would soon be over!!! :-D