{nesting} maybe?

i'm not sure how to differentiate nesting from my alreadypresent love of organization.

since the baby's clothes are already meticulously organized--first by the month she'll wear them--i've thrifted stuff for a little past a year--then by type--onesie, pants, etc--then by my favorite to least favorite. she has 25 newborn-size onesies, by the way--that isn't even counting her 0-3month sizes. isn't that insane?--yesterday i moved on to bryan and my clothes. we don't (and never have had) a ton of storage, so we keep our bed on risers and put off-season clothes in boxes and rubbermaids underneath the bed. typically i keep them somewhat organized, but now they are organized to perfection!

first i went through my drawers and created a drawer that was just for tops that fit me right now (which is a small, small pile), one for bottoms (even smaller), then my third drawer i used for clothes that don't fit me right now but will probably fit me right when i get home from the hospital and will still be in season. i know--a very specific criteria. but so important! who wants to go digging around in boxes under the bed with a newborn at home? plus, it makes me happy to see some of those cute clothes i haven't been able to wear for at least the past 3 months--and to think about being small enough to wear them!

and we always keep all of my nice dresses and all of my sweaters in the nursery closet with all of bryan's suits. our closet is where we keep bryan's button-ups and khakis and my skirts and casual dresses. i don't have many that fit me right now but i do have some i stuck in the back also for wearing right after i come home from the hospital

Then i tackled everything under the bed--organizing bryan's clothes was easy, just a winter clothes and fall clothes box. mine was more complicated--i have a box for this coming spring and summer, for jeans and bottoms that i might be able to fit into in the winter but that i'm not sure about, then a box for things i'll definitely wear this winter and a separate one for things i'll not try to wear until the next fall/winter, form-fitting sweaters and such.

this winter i'm giving my body some Grace and some Time~! i'm just planning to stick with looser things and wear a lot of sweaters over tanks. layering will be my friend--and it is, besides the gorgeous walking weather, one of the redeeming factors about having a baby in the fall! yes, i suffered through the summer heat--but at least no one will be wearing bikinis while i've got my just-had-a-baby body!

so that is it. i'm not sure if i will possibly find something else so interesting and fun to organize in the next few weeks--having just moved, i pretty much organized as i unpacked and decorated (in 4 days, mind you. the entire house, in 4 days. record fast!). and strangely enough, bryan does not find listening to me explain and demonstrate this process to be the most interesting topic we could talk about

(but you, blog, can't resist me, ha!). 


  1. We have rubbermaid containers with off-season clothes under the bed, too! We used to have a pretty big closet in our old house, but in the new house, it's TINY-- like probably smaller than those dorm closet walkways we used to have in McAfee! I pretty much have about 4-5 shirts that will fit me right now, maybe 4 dresses, and 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shorts. I definitely am re-wearing everything! I now see why people tell you to hold off on maternity clothes for as long as possible. I miss my old clothes!

  2. thats pretty much what i've got too! i hardly fit into anything that isn't specifically maternity. it will feel like christmas when we get all our old clothes back though =)

  3. Oh man, toward the end I was SO sick of all my maternity clothes! I only had about one pair of pants that fit me, too, and I even resorted to wearing this black pair of maternity workout pants to work! No one seemed to notice and they were super comfortable, so it worked out. Good for you for getting organized. I loved organizing all of Charlotte's clothes as well.