{an anniversary date & 1more month!}

our baby is due exactly 1 month from today! oh i can't wait to hold her! i can't believe how quickly the past 8 months have gone--and how much has changed in that short time.

i love where we are. when we knew she was coming, we naturally thought we'd be leaving--and we were willing to go Anywhere, just anywhere in the world that God called us--we had never thought of Him calling us to Stay! i am so glad we did though. i love our church--our church members have been such a blessing to us, helping us move, stocking our pantry, throwing me a sweet baby shower last sunday. bryan is really excited about his ministry there--already we can see growth in the band members, musically and in learning what it means to lead worship; and with us living in the community, its been so much easier to connect with people and to be truly integrated with the church.

its wonderful to be in a house too--this place feels like home more than seminary housing did. maybe because its a little closer to what i grew up with (though far more rural). i love to sit out on our porch in the evenings when its cool and watch the sun go down and listen to all the cows lowing in the fields. its peaceful. and no, there's not much to do nearby--besides the town library (where bryan is working now), there's not really anywhere to go. but we've always been the kind that aren't all about going out and doing big exciting things, we're more about having people over and spending time with them.

i love being at home. i thought i would miss working, but i haven't yet. we've been so busy this past month, getting settled into the house and getting ready for the baby, i haven't had time to get bored yet--and with my girl coming in just a month, i should have just enough time to get things ready without having too much sit-around-and-wait time.

bryan and i spent the day in louisville yesterday, partially to take care of the last few baby-errands and partially to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. we went to lynn's for breakfast (a fun place to check out, very kitschy and delicious! i so wanted to eat all of my food but it was way too much!) then ordered my bridesmaid dress for my lovely friend emily's wedding (i was So nervous about picking out a size!! i opted for going two sizes bigger than normal, just in case--her wedding is only 2 months after the baby is due! i absolutely Love the dresses she picked out though--i hope i can look halfway decent in it!), and then we headed out for babystuff shopping! bryan actually enjoys babystuff shopping, which surprised me--i didn't think any guy would be able to stand walking around target deciding which tutu to get (we opted for pink! with the bow!), but he's so excited about having a daughter--i know he's going to make such a great daddy.

we bought all of the rest of the things we needed, including lots of cloth diapers--we were Extremely blessed, i got all of the must-have things on my registry with giftcards and only ended up having to pay 41cents! craziness! there are a few like-to-have things that we can do without (or that maybe i can find later, on sale?), but we've really got more than enough to take care of her. and we got her coming home outfit--a sweet little dress and sweater from kohls (she'll wear them with her beautiful ribbony white shoes that jenn bought her and her white hairbow that mrs. janet bought her!).

after all that errand running, we had a fabulous dinner at our favorite fancy-restaurant, the melting pot. its so strange to think that that was probably the last fancy dinner that we'll have before we have our baby! & then we went to the hospital to go to our infant CPR class (now we're both cpr certified! hopefully we won't ever have to use it--but i feel good knowing that we would know what to do if the need arose).

so i guess that is a strange mix of things to do for an anniversary date; it was so much fun though--i mainly mostofall love just being with bryan, no matter what we're doing.


  1. Wow...Lynn's looks so cool! Your date day sounds like it was great!

  2. its really different! i don't care for their lunch or dinner but the breakfast is Fantastic--next time you and tyson go through louisville, y'all should stop and try it!

  3. Aww, that sounds like a wonderful anniversary! I can't believe it's almost time for Baby Emerson to arrive. I can't wait to find out her name!