the move.

i'm verytired this morning. packing&moving has been a lot harder on my 7+months pregnant body than it is on my everydaybody.

so all i really wanted to do here is complain about it. how this is the hardest move we've done, how i can't lift things, how its HOT outside (and inside, with our no-central-air apartment), how i'm too tired to speak this morning, how i am entirely overwhelmed ...

but i don't need to complain about my blessings. i am thankful that we are moving and that God allowed us to find the perfect rental house so quickly! and i am thankful that my babygirl is Growing big&strong and i'll give her everylittleounce of my energy if she needs it!

only 3 more days.
one bite at a time, baby, one bite at a time.


  1. Amen! I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed...you're right, though...we've been blessed!