:: goodbye semester, hello summer ::

yesterday B finished his last final for the fall semester!! PRAISE THE LORD! he has been so stressed this semester--between him being a full time grad student, part time librarian, and interim music minister, not to mention job-hunting all over the country, he's scarcely had time to breathe! and when he is stressed, i am stressed, the past few weeks especially.

AND as of right now he's not signed up for any summer accelerated classes, due to us traveling a lot this next month (lots of veryexciting things going on!).

i'm so excited to have him home-without-homework, weekends without paper-writing and studying. yes!


:Writing News:
~the Revising continues. my brain hurts.
~a few publications lately. a spring publications update to come.
~i'm judging a student poetry contest & loving it
~Where Nothing Can Grow is coming out in just 2 weeks! it is my very best yet. and it is also quite beautiful--hardcover, handbound. lovely. much more than i expected! the press has been great, i'm lucky to get to work with them.


lots & lots of kicks & punches from our little one now! B and i have started comparing her to a young chuck norris { and she kicked and she punched with her hands and her feet! }. i think i have one very active little girl. its terribly distracting, in a marvelous way.


  1. A hardcover chapbook! That sounds absolutely stunning! I can't wait to get my copy!!! Ah! :)

    Congratulations to Bryan on finishing up his semester! I hope you guys are having some fun times with Baby Girl! :-)

  2. i hope that you like it--it releases May 24, and the editor said she's going to try to get review copies out ASAP, so hopefully you'll get yours at least by the first week of June!