my first cavity

my mostly-flawless dental record was marred this week. 25 years old, and i got my first cavity. i had to go in because the filling-patch-thing on my front tooth (i chipped it badly when i was 5 or 6) came off and had to be fixed, and that's when they found it.

getting a filling really hurts. i hadn't realized how much it hurt when i was younger, waiting in the dentist office while my sister's got their inevitable 1 or 2 fillings a year. i thought they were big babies about it.

not so! despite numbing half my face, i could still feeling the drilling. i thought maybe if i visibly winced the doctor would stop, but that didn't work, and then i  made my eyes fill with pain, and that didn't work. i even had my eyes fill with a little bit of loathing. no affect! dentists are heartless!!

my face and mouth are still very numb, which is unfortunate since i haven't eaten since 11:00 (and i have taken to eating little snacks every 3 or 4 hours). ah i'm hungry!!

at least now if my baby has to ever suffer getting a filling, i can tell them that mommy knows how bad it is, and feel appropriately sympathetic.


  1. Oh, I hate finding out I need fillings! I've had 5-6 fillings and I probably need more due to how much sugar I eat...I'm avoiding the dentist for just this reason. I actually liked getting fillings (I'm weird??) but maybe it's proportionate to the amount of laughing gas you're given. I felt like I was in a dream and the drilling seemed like a backrub for my teeth. I probably had too much laughing gas. I don't think fillings are supposed to feel good...ha!

  2. Also, I went to a pediatric dentist (they have such things!) until I was 18 (haha) and they were really gentle. I bet a real dentist is a very different experience.

  3. One more thing...I've been to the dentist since I was 18...but haven't had fillings since then...just thought I should clarify, so no one thought I'd gone 6 years without a dentist visit. :P

  4. they just gave me a few numbing shots in my mouth, no laughing gas for me! i guess thats good since i don't know if i should have that while i'm pregnant. i went to a pediatric dentist until bryan and i got married--i miss going there, they were always so much nicer!!

  5. Oh, that makes sense that you wouldn't get that while pregnant. I didn't even think about that. And yay for pediatric dentists! Ours was great, too. They called the drill the "bumpy squirrel" as in..."The bumpy squirrel is going to fix your teeth now." Slightly random!!

  6. Hahah, "bumpy squirrel." I was completely crushed when I got my first cavity back in college. I always prided myself on my dental hygiene, so it was such a blow. I've since moved on, however. :)