easter weekend

*we're having a GIRL!*
our families were both in town this past weekend for Easter, so we told them on Friday, before announcing it to the world, by giving each set of grandparents a pink-framed ultrasound picture. they both stared at it for a second and so we also told them by shouting "its a GIRL!" haha! i think B's family was really expecting a boy, they were a little stunned. everyone is very excited though--this is the first grandbaby on my side, and the first granddaughter on B's side. she will Not be lacking for clothes!

*what's in a name?*
the next question everyone has, no, we have not named her yet. we're going to wait until we hold her in our arms to name her. it just seems right for our little family { and it avoids us getting any personalized/monogrammed stuff, which wouldn't work for hand-me-downs to our other future babies! }. i like the idea of having a little extra surprise when the baby is born, everyone finding out her name. right now we're flipping through babyname books, making lists, trying to narrow it down to the top 2 or 3 possibilities that we'll bring to the hospital with us.

*easter weekend*
we had a nice time with family this weekend. Friday we all went to the Hymn Sing that B led at our church--it was the first one they've ever had at that church, but we had a much bigger turn out than we expected, and everyone seemed to really love it! Saturday we did some registering for babygear, which was just so much fun--its hard not to get pink everything when having a babygirl!--and the guys went out to get a new battery for our car (we've only been using one car since november, since our battery died and we didn't have it in our budget to replace it. honestly, it hasn't been a huge hardship though, we walk most places). B's parents brought his old rocking chair for us to have--the one that they rocked him in when he was a baby. i can't wait to rock our little babygirl in that same rocking chair! Sunday everyone left to go home. it was a short visit, but i'm thinking of trying to make a trip down in late May, since my mawmaw is going to be coming up from Alabama then, and its been a long while since i've seen her.

*you are getting sleepy, very sleepy*
i get so much more easily worn out than i did before i was pregnant, so it was a little more difficult to keep up with everyone than i thought it would be this weekend. B and i had a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon though--it was a stormy rainy Easter, so we took a long long nap together, had some reading time, watched x-files, ordered a pizza. B has been so stressed lately with all of his big projects and finals coming up plus interviews and all our upcoming crazy life changes, he's been pretty exhausted too. even though a lot of people have advised us to be doing as much as we can right now, before the baby comes, nothing sounds better to us than a lazy day alone together, napping, eating, walking or swimming, no late nights out on the town. maybe we'll have energy for those in a few weeks, but we're pretty content with how things are at the moment.


  1. I know what you mean about the lack of energy! Everyone tells me they got all kinds of crazy energy in their second trimester, but I've still been dragging! I am worn out after walking around Target for 20 minutes these days. Don't forget to invite me to your showers...I want to go to at least one, maybe more if I can! :) I cannot wait to shop for your little girl!

  2. its really come and gone for me--i felt really energetic the first few weeks of 2nd trimester, but this week i've been so tired! you will Most Definitely get shower invites =) i think the church will have one for me in August and my grandma wants to have one for me maybe in July--i'll keep you updated!

  3. SO excited about your little girl! And yes, it is tempting to get lots of pink stuff, although I would recommend selecting neutral colors for some of the bigger things (like stroller and car seat and pack and play-if you get one of those) so you can reuse them even if your next child is a boy.

    I didn't feel super energetic in my 2nd trimester, just slightly less exhausted. :)

  4. It's just so cute! Lol! Yeah, I registered for those things in neutral colors-- mostly because bryan reigned me in ;) I've had a lot of fun looking at the little girl clothes though, and I'm thinking I'll start making her some bows and headbands and tutus soon--shes going to look like a little cupcake!