slowing down.

Since I've mainly been all "baby baby baby" 24/7 on here lately, I thought maybe it would be good to do a writing update. I've mostly not accomplished any real writing in the past, oh, three weeks? A poem here and there, but not nearly my poem-a-week schedule that I normal keep to. The paranoid part of me says "this is a sign!" and that I'll never write again once I'm a mom. Which is scary to me, I love to write, its a big part of who I am.

But certainly not even the most important part of who I am. So I decided that if, for a year, I don't stick to my regular, furious pace, that is Ok! I already have a book length manuscript put together, it wouldn't kill me to write a little slower for a year or so. Maybe go back to writing "as the muse strikes."

Maybe even Chill Out, and Breathe a little.

Of course, slowing down doesn't mean stopping. I'm planning to still write, and to collect images/phrases/poem-pieces (most importantly), and to edit and to send out my work. While I haven't written new work much lately, I have done quite a bit of editing, and sent my book off to a press and to a contest, my poems to magazines. And, as usual, read and read.

I just need to get over the fear that slowing down means stopping. Because, in the end, I think it will be good for my writing, especially in this tumultuous year.


  1. I completely understand...sometimes it's necessary slow down...and like you said, slowing down doesn't mean stopping. Though I love writing, it can never compare to God or friends/family. It's a wonderful vocation to be called to, but I think being a good wife and mom would be even more important, so I think you've got your priorities in a good order. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement =) i hope i can be all those things, especially a good wife!