B's Breakfast Burritos

4 eggs
a handful of hashbrowns*

*sidenote: we like to use "Potatoes O'Brien" for these, since they also have peppers in onions in them. but shredded up or diced hashbrowns are good too. i'll admit it--i've used french fries before, in a pinch. so, basically, you just need a potato substance. any kind.

First, cook the hashbrowns, and set them aside, then scramble the eggs(be generous with the pepper!) in a saucepan. Add bacon (or sausage, whatever you'd like) to the eggs, then add salsa (not too much, you don't want it too drippy). Sorry no exact measurements here, you've really just got to have an eye for what looks right. Add the sausage to the eggs, bacon, and salsa mixture. Scoop into a burrito, and you are good to go.


B learned to make these when he worked at a burrito place in Boston (that served breakfast, true story), so he sometimes gets a hankering for these and sometimes can't stand to eat them.

Best thing is, the recipe is Very adaptable. We kind of just use whatever is on hand, and I usually add 2 eggs for each person I'm cooking for (this recipe makes enough for 2 people). And its easy, and fast.



  1. A burrito place that serves breakfast sounds pretty cool! I've made a basic version of these with eggs and salsa, but this sounds Way better! We usually keep shredded hashbrowns on hand, but those potatoes o'brien sound even better with the onions/peppers added. You're so domestic...I feel very inspired...keep the recipes coming! :)

  2. P.S. I haven't gotten your letter yet, but I'm anticipating it...maybe when I get home today!

  3. i hope it isn't lost in the mail! i sent it last Saturday...but the post office here can be sort of slow, since its run by students and all..