SHR and C&L

published in Southern Humanities Review*
and Christianity & Literature this week**

when i first started sending out my poetry, i started off with littler magazines; this past year or so i'd decided it was time to only try for the mid-level to "big" magazines from here on out--which means more rejections. Rejection Rejection. so to {finally} get some acceptances, at the tail-end of the year, feels good. i was feeling down about my work (hence the flurry of November activity--when feeling down about poetry, create more poetry). now i feel a little more optimistic--i guess that's the good part about publication. so maybe i'm not just spinning-my-wheels.maybe this is all going somewhere...

*SHR is exciting because of Stephen Dunn, Natasha Trethewey, R. T. Smith (and, its southern)
**C&L is exciting because of Franz Wright, Wendell Berry, Dana Gioia (and, its christian)